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December 3, 2017

Know Before Buying Your Carpet

What does your carpet say about your property? Like art. Like color. The right carpet is a defining factor when it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere and ambiance. At Pride our experience speaks for itself. Carpet is not just a visual. It also needs to be functional, maintained properly and have appearance retention in use. Prides concept offers free consulting services that are knowledgeable, pioneering, innovative, and always comprehensive. No other company exists the way we do. We’ll lead you in the right direction, providing clear understanding of patterns, performance and design helping you in any way needed. Our technical analysis will literally cover every square foot of your property, helping you select the right carpets from guest rooms […]
December 2, 2017

Carpet Terminology

This resource is some basic terminology below to help you become more educated when it comes to your carpet purchase and installation. Familiarizing yourself with these common carpet terms will help you communicate more effectively with manufacturers Reps, Architect/Designers, Purchasing Agents and Installation Contractors. Antimicrobial – A chemical treatment added to carpet to reduce the growth of common bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew. Antistatic – The ability of a carpet system to dissipate an electrostatic charge before it reaches the threshold of human sensitivity. Attached Cushion – A cushioning material, such as foam, rubber, urethane, PVC, etc. adhered to the back side of a carpet to provide additional dimensional stability, thickness and padding. Average Pile Yarn Weight – Mass […]
December 1, 2017

Carpet Installation

Carpeting is only as good as the Installation Contractor that puts it in. A bad installation can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, immediately and down the road. Once it’s down it’s down, and very rarely can be pulled up and re-installed. You have to pick the right installer for the right job. You need an Installation Company in your area that does quality work. At Pride Carpets, we want to help our partners do just that. We’ll provide a list of quality Installation Companies that we’ve worked with personally and trust to get the job done right. We also will work with your flooring contractor to help protect you from an installation nightmare.
November 29, 2017

Carpet Maintenance

Proper, consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extend the life of your carpet and to sustain an optimum performance and appearance level and a healthy indoor environment. The Carpet & Rug Institute encourages facility managers, designers, maintenance personnel and any others responsible for commercial carpet maintenance to develop and sustain a complete maintenance program for all commercial facilities. Maintenance Plan Plan a maintenance program before installation so such factors as budget, personnel and areas of special consideration can be taken into account. Maintenance personnel are advised to: Obtain detailed floor plan of facility. Identify areas of heavy soiling: Track-off Regions: Areas where carpet collects tracked-in soil from the outdoors or from hard-surfaced floors. Track off regions average 90 square feet […]

Magic Carpet Ride

Highlights from our Pride Carpets Educational Series videos.

Pride Carpets Educational Series - Magic Carpet Ride, featuring the production of tufted carpet.

Nylon & Polypropolyne

Producing Solution Dyed Nylon and Polypropolyne carpet

Pride Carpets Educational Series - Producing Solution Dyed Nylon and Polypropolyne carpet

Pride Carpets Educational Series

The following feature several videos that will educate you on the entire process of carpet manufacturing

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